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Monday 21.04.2014 at 12:37

The Danish company Damolin is the supplier of Rainbow cat litter


Lene Moldow, Key Account Manager
Damolin A/S, Lyngby, Denmark

1. Tell us briefly about Damolin. Wher does it operate and what does it produce?

Damolin A/Sis a highly specialized and flexible company. Since the establishment in 1942 Damolin A/S has produced cat litter, absorbents for oil and chemicals, powder and granulate products for a number of industrial purposes. Today, Damolin A/S is one of the leading European suppliers of cat litter. The products are produced from natural raw materials with a very high quality. Absorption capacity, comfort and good odour control are qualities which are valued very highly whether the product is non-clumping, clumping or organic.

Today Damolin A/S can provide a comprehensive range of products for customers not only within industry and trade in Europe, but also on overseas markets.  The production takes place partly at Damolin A/S factories at Fur and Mors in Denmark and at subsidiary companies in France and Germany.

2. What products do you supply for Inex?

Damolin A/S can - except for the complete and ready-designed solutions for the retail, as well as for the pet trade - offer individual customer-fitted solutions. To Inex we supply a broad range of different qualities of cat litter: Rainbow 10 l white clumping Bentonite, Rainbow 8 l non clumping Moler, Rainbow 4 l silicagel and X-tra 5 kg grey clumping Bentonite.

3. How do you produce Rainbow Moler 8 l? What happens before the goods reach our warehouse?

Rainbow 8 l cat litter is made of Moler, a unique Danish raw material. Moler is only found in the islands of Mors and Fur in Denmark. Moler is a naturally found and mineral based type of clay, characterized by its terracotta colour. Moler clay is the geological name for a special combination of diatoms which were deposited more than 54 million years ago. The Moler clay deposits feature numerous dark seams, which are strata of volcanic ash. These layers of ash are used to identify various types of Moler and thereby guarantee a selection of highest quality.

The raw clay is calcined, i.e. it is burned at approx. 750 degrees centigrade, and through this process the product becomes sterile and the grains get hard and super absorbent. The steps of improvement are supervised by the laboratory and development department of Damolin A/S.

The packaging design for the Rainbow cat litter is being developed in close co-operation between Inex and Damolin A/S. The packaging production is done by well-known professional suppliers throughout Europe, carefully selected by Damolin A/S.

Finally, the finished products are placed on pallets and delivered to Inex before they are distributed to the supermarkets and end at the consumer.

4. How is business with Inex?

 Inex and Damolin A/S benefit from a close and fruitful collaboration that has lasted since 1994. The team of Damolin A/S works very well with the team of Inex.  It may be a long process to develop new packaging and new products. Therefore it is very important that you can exchange ideas and viewpoints in a constructive way. In Damolin, we are very pleased to announce that the co-operation with Inex has been a great success and we are very confident about our future relationship.